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Mission Statement of the Counseling Program

The mission of the Mossy Creek Elementary School counseling program is to ensure the academic, social/personal development, and career success of each student. By providing resources and support, each student will be given the chance to flourish academically in the classroom and also, socially in their future endeavors. The counselor will advocate for the students in every way possible as a means of maximizing their level of achievement in these areas.

In order to implement this mission successfully, we follow the developmental model of guidance and counseling:

    • The basis of a developmental guidance program is that the social and emotional development of children is a process of growth that changes all the time.

    • The program is available to all students.

    • It believes that all students have a capacity to learn and to be supported academically.

    • It believes that children who are aware of themselves and their needs will make responsible choices for themselves.

    • It believes that every child is unique and special!

We follow the American School Counselor Association's Mindsets & Behaviors for Student Success: K-12 College and Career Readiness Standards for Every Student.

Please click the link below to view the document showing a complete listing of the

35 mindset and behavior standards.

Mindsets & Behaviors

As the school counselor, I will work within the school to provide:

· Classroom guidance lessons on a variety of topics such as getting along with others, making choices, safety, following school rules, study skills, career education, and much more.

· Individual counseling with students if the concern is very private. Students requiring more in-depth assistance are encouraged to find an outside agency for a more therapeutic approach.

    • Group counseling with small groups of children with similar concerns such as self-concept, anger management, peer relations, etc.

    • Assistance to parents and teachers when students are having academic, behavioral, emotional, or social difficulties.

    • Referrals to school and community agencies.

    • Parenting resources available for check-out in the Parent Resource Center in the MCES media center.

Guidance and counseling newsletters are sent home regularly. We encourage you to share family concerns that might be affecting your child at school. Please contact me at 706-865-5000 ext 5104 or via email at: if you have any questions or concerns.